Wholesale A healthy gut means a horse gets the full benefit of their feed and can perform to their best, as well as looking fantastic and most importantly, feeling their absolute best. Look for shiny coats, calm, happy willing horses, good hoof health and less reactiveness.
Why Choose Poseidon Animal Health Products? By offering Poseidon Animal Health products in your retail store or as a distributor, you can provide your customers with science-backed supplements that support greater wellness in animals through improved gut health. Our evidence-based formulations, developed in collaboration with experts, are trusted by animal health professionals worldwide and deliver proven benefits.
Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions All the information you need about how to apply for a wholesale account with Poseidon Animal Health.

Apply by filling in the form with your business details and we will review your application. If successful, we will send you an email with a link to activate your account.

Minimum order quantity can be flexible depending on the type of retailer. We are happy to support smaller retailers to spread the message of gut health!

No, we do not offer international shipping as rules and regulations on importing animal feeds and supplements vary by country. We do have presence in Australia, New Zealand and UAE. For more information contact us on info@poseidonanimalhealth.com

Card payment and invoicing.

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