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We’ve helped thousands of horse and dog owners on a journey to better health and performance. We believe that true health begins in the gut, and the way to support a dog or horse’s health is by promoting strong digestive and gut health.

We team up with some of Australia’s leading equine and canine experts to develop our ever-growing range, and are committed to delivering every dog and horse owner quality and affordable horse supplements and dog supplements that are manufactured at the highest standard for wellness from within.

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Gut Health - What's the big deal?

If your horse has gut issues, you may see anxious behaviour, girthiness, laminitis, weight challenges, poor coat condition, loose maure, or poor performance. Learn why equine gut health matters.

If your dog has gut issues you may see skin conditions, anxiety, aggression, allergies and sensitivity, smelly anal glands, lethargy, gas and toileting issues, itchiness, stiff joints or a dull coat. Learn about gut health in dogs.

Scientific research is helping identify that poor gut health plays a major role in contributing to these issues, and many more.

Wellness from Within

Since 2017 Poseidon Animal Health has been committed to improving the lives of animals through scientifically developed natural products that are proven to support great gut health.

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