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We have a dedicated Facebook group The Horse Gut Health Community where horse owners can get help for their own unique situation.You’ll find other like-minded horse owners and also a team of  expert nutritionists and veterinarians on board to help - absolutely free of charge.

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World-leading gut health supplements

As you read the book, you’ll realise just how important gut health is for your horse. If your horse’s gut isn’t healthy, it makes all other areas of your horse hard to fix.

That’s where our range of products come in. Our products Digestive EQ, Digestive VM, and Stress Paste are specifically designed to help your horse’s gut reach optimum health.

In addition to applying all of the lessons around diet from the book, the ingredients in our products will fast-track your horses gut health.

You’ll be able to read more detail about them in the book, but if you’d like to find out more, just click the link below.

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If you finish your ebook and have questions - reach out! We are happy to talk about your horses requirements and how best you can support their gut health, to create a basis for complete wellbeing.

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