True Health Begins In The Gut Explore our range of supplements designed to help improve your horse's health, performance and recovery.
Industry-Leading Supplements Designed To Target The Root Cause Our products are designed by world-class veterinarians & nutritionists to support a variety of gut health issues, from nurturing a healthy gut against everyday stressors to helping rebuild a damaged gut, as well as safe-guarding against extreme stresses such as travel and elite level training.
Digestive HP Complete gut support for high performance horses.
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Stress Paste A concentrated formula to support your horse in times of stress.
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“Stress Paste Has Been A Game Changer”

Eventing involves travel, high level performance and often competing in hot, humid conditions. Stress Paste before travel and after competition has been a game changer.

Sonja J Olympian
“I Buy It By The Box”

Wonderful product. Great for travel and competition. Keeps his sensitive stomach in check, allowing him to relax and settle in different environments. He’s happy to eat and drink at different locations, even overnight stays. His manure is now always well formed and healthy. Previously had a tendency to show signs of colic after a weekend away, with loose manure and nervous behaviour. I buy it by the box!

Tom D
“She’s Never Been So Relaxed During Travel”

Winx has been training to be a therapy pony for the past 12 months. The travel & going into new, often busy & noisy environments, meeting lots of new people of all ages & abilities would induce some anxiety in any horse. The difference in little Winx’s behaviour was remarkable after trying the Poseidon Stress Paste, even so, she felt comfortable to try to sneak a sausage roll from a resident! Her calm behaviour gave her a 5/5 from the nursing staff. We won’t leave home without it from now on!

Haley S