Victoria Davies, Paralympian

Victoria Davies, Paralympian

Victoria Davies, Paralympian


Victoria says:

“Having a severe autoimmune disease for over 28 years and a very busy life, I know exactly how poor gut health and stress can have a negative impact on overall health and quality of life!
Once I started looking at my own gut health and making positive changes it made me realise this is also important for my horses and much loved dogs. This is why I have been using Digestive EQ on all my horses ever since it came out of the market! Whether it be my breeding stallions, broodmares or elite competition horses, they are all on Digestive EQ. 
I have not used expensive ulcer medicine for years, never had a horse with colic and I have imported/exported horses multiple times that have arrived with no travel sickness or nasty viruses in sight and I put this down to their daily dose of Digestive EQ which boosts their immune system and maintains a healthy gut and digestive system.
I won’t be taking my horses off Digestive EQ ever!"

Victoria is an Australian Paralympian that is ranked 9th in the FEI WORLD RANKINGS 2021 and has spent over 30 years of dedication promoting the PRE and Lusitano at the highest level. Victoria and her husband run Tora V PRE & Lusitano Stud which is home to their beautiful stallions, mares and much loved dogs!

September 2021 Victoria and her buckskin Lusitano stallion Celere represented Australia at the Tokyo Paralympic Games where they certainly left their mark on the world.

Victoria has throughout her career achieved amazing things on and off the horses which she has and continues to do whilst fighting a crippling disease Rheumatoid; first diagnosed with at age 9 and followed by multiple joint replacements and of recent times a life threatening neck condition that was diagnosed 1 week out from the 2016 Paralympic European qualifiers which she was forced to withdraw from on medical grounds.

This setback and knowing the potential risks involved if she continues to ride has not deterred Victoria, who continues to train each day, compete and inspiring others to hold onto their dreams and supporting others who reach out to her.

No more mudfever for Luis!

"I love the look of white leg markings on horses but hate the dreaded mud fever that comes with them!

Digestive EQ is the best supplement I have found that helps with how my horse's body respond to the bacteria. Joyero JF III (Imp) had severe mud fever when he arrived from Spain to Australia in October 2018, and it took over a year to get on top of it; at the start, his blood tests showed a need for improvement.

We used an array of prescription medications from our vet and topical creams. However, the best thing that worked for 'Luis' was Digestive EQ, which helped support his immune system and boost his overall health.

Digestive EQ is known to support fore and hindgut digestion and assist with immune and inflammation challenges and damage caused by mycotoxins."

Before and afters for Stella

Here is a "before" photo 2 months previously: