How it all began - With one woman and her horse

How it all began - With one woman and her horse

How it all began - With one woman and her horse

Poseidon Equine was created by Linda Lord, the proud owner of 12 horses, with over 40 years of riding, training, breeding and competing experience across various disciplines.

In Linda’s words, here is the story of how Poseidon Animal Health was born.

It started with my own health crisis. I had previously suffered from encephalitis and over ten years later I was still having major problems with my health, energy levels and my memory and concentration.

I decided to look into dietary changes and learnt about gut bacteria and its link to health and emotions and when I started looking after my gut with my diet I was amazed at the improvement I then started to experience.

Horses have always been a big part of my life, and I had always been keen to feed my horses as natural as possible. But I had one particular horse that I was having ongoing troubles with.

He was losing weight.
He had trouble getting the right canter lead.
He would grind his teeth and tilt his head.
He even randomly one day bolted out from underneath my daughter, putting her in the hospital.

I couldn’t work out what was wrong

I spent thousands on getting a custom saddle made and getting it regularly re-checked. I had his teeth treated routinely. I even had moulds done of his mouth and got a customised bit made.

All important steps; but my horse was still having issues.

I thought it might be a gastric ulcer - the prescribed vet treatments seemed to work. They stopped the weight loss and crankiness, but then the symptoms reappeared even worse once I stopped treatment.

I spent a fortune on various supplements and I finally got some breakthrough when I tried a gut supplement with him. I was impressed that finally something was starting to help him.

Yet he was still grinding his teeth, scooting and having inconsistencies with canter leads.

And his head started to shake incessantly. He had been grazing in a paddock with paspalum - which at the time I wasn’t aware contained mycotoxins (invisible toxins produced by moulds that can cause neurological changes).

My own success with improving my gut health gave me enough motivation to start my journey of learning about the horses' hindgut and the role of nutrition for horses.

I reached out to leading animal and equine nutritionists

I spoke with them about everything I’d learnt with my own experience of improving my gut health. We talked about what effect diet, mycotoxins and stress have on a horse, and in particular a horse’s gut.

So... We decided to build the best possible gut health product available, worldwide that would stop the need for lots of different supplements, saving you time and money and giving you the results you wanted...

We sourced incredible evidence-based products from around the world and began a trial among 17 horses - mostly our own.

Within a short time, the changes in all my horses were significant - even amongst the ones that I thought were looking and performing their best prior to the trial. These noticeable changes included:

  • Weight gain;
  • Calmer horses;
  • Improved appetite with the fussy eaters;
  • Improved feed conversion;
  • Improved coats;
  • No more headshaking;
  • Change in foot quality and growth for the better;
  • Greater elevation in movements; and
  • Less scouring whilst being transported

We tweaked and tested the formulation, and once we were satisfied that this product was of high quality and impact, we trialled it across various disciplines and approximately 40 horses to test it further.

We then trialled EQ under the guidance of a leading Equine Veterinarian Professor on a number of horses where we collected evidence around weight gain and health changes and palatability.

The feedback was positive and with a few adjustments to the texture, Digestive EQ was ready for commercial distribution.

The rest, as they say, is history!

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